How to Draw a Still Life Accurately: PART 2


Learning accurate drawing is a technical skill all artists need to know. This art tutorial is the first in my series on how to draw accurately. This tutorial covers how to draw a still life accurately in a simple step by step process. I start by explaining how to hold a pencil at arms length and using it to measure height, width and angles of objects. We start by selecting the highest object. By linking it with other objects in the still life I show how to sketch out the basic shapes. These shapes will act as a grid on which to measure all the other objects. Once the height, width and position of each object has been worked out it is then possible to draw out the objects, using the grid.

If you are arranging a still life it is good to choose objects of different heights and textures. In this still life I am using a candlestick, vase and two eggs. The video is intended for beginners and children and students preparing for art examinations in schools such as GCSE Art and Design. This examination is taken by UK students when they are 16 years old.

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