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Paul Priestley

Even as a little boy I loved drawing and painting because I was passionate about art. When old enough I went off to college before teaching art in schools for many years. I left teaching and set up my own business running brilliant art events in schools, based around famous artists. Also, I ran adult art classes in Herefordshire and Shropshire

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The corporate world were not excluded as I delivered interactive art experiences and art events for a wide range of corporate clients.  I worked for HSBC, Thames Water, Appletizer. Qatar Oil, Land Rover, National Trust, Eastnor and Sudeley Castles to name a few. A large part of my time over the past few years, has been teaching art courses to adults. Like children, they often suffer from a lack of confidence rather than ability. It’s amazing the number of adults who recount art teachers telling them, their work was rubbish, or they’d be better off doing something else.

Thankfully, time has moved on and art teaching is much improved. However, I see one of my roles as instilling confidence in people. Showing them how amazing their work can be using techniques, methods and ideas in a positive, step by step, approach. Hence my art tutorials.

I’m sure you’ll find Art Tutorials Online inspiring. They will inspire you on your journey to becoming the artist you have always wanted to be.

Paul Priestley

Paul Priestley

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