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A Simple Guide to What is Art?

What is it?

Art reflects life; it can be wonderful, frustrating, beautiful or ugly, uplifting and challenging

Who creates it?

Artists; those oddball characters who lay on their backs for years painting a ceiling, or chop up a cow and call it art, or even cut off their own ear in the pursuit of creating art.

But there is so much more to it than that!

  • What about Creativity? Inspiration and Virtuosity?
  • Artworks are intrinsically worth nothing, but can sell for millions
  • A nail and a sculpture, both are man-made- one is called art one isn’t, why?
  • Why do we fill galleries full of art?

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What is Art? E Book

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‘Art is what artists produce. All artists are human beings, but not all human beings are artists. So what is it that makes a human being an artist? And what do they produce? These questions are the basis of endless debate so let’s break it down into simple chunks.

Lots of distinguished individuals have written about what is art and what it is to be an artist. From these writings some common elements seem to emerge.’

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‘I think we have established that art is different from the other products and activities of human endeavour. So what does the artist actually do and what does it mean to be an artist? There are a few characteristics that might give us an idea of what it is to be an artist.

Although a list of qualities cannot be definitive, someone claiming to be an artist is bound to have some, if not all the following attributes….

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