How to Draw a Still Life Accurately: PART 1


If you want to draw a still life accurately you need to understand how to measure what you see. Because this can be difficult I explain how to use a pencil to transfer the measurements you see to your drawing. In this easy drawing art tutorial, I’ll show you how to use your pencil as a ruler to measure whatever you are looking at. To do this you must have your arm straight. One eye closed  and the ability to move your thumb up and down the pencil. Using these measurements it is possible to create a very accurate drawing of whatever you see. In this case I use a still life as the starting point for the drawing, but it could be a landscape or even a person. Train your eye to measure contrast and compare because if you do your drawing will improve.

Once you have mastered the technique you will develop the skill of using your eye to look very carefully at what you see. This art tutorial is aimed at beginners and those wishing to develop their drawing skills to a higher level.

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