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Our Art Philosophy

At Art Tutorials Online our easy drawing tutorials are FREE. Our tuition is brilliant because we adopt a step by step approach designed to help you learn to draw and paint easily. Pencil drawing, coloured pencil drawing, pen and ink, watercolour painting and acrylic painting are all covered. There is an easy drawing tutorial for everyone.

Let Art Tutorials Online take you on the journey to becoming the artist you have always wanted to be.

Enjoy our FREE art tutorial videos.

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We believe being an artist is a twofold process, combining skills, techniques and creativity with the ability to see things in a way others often can’t.

Many people obsess about techniques, but that only takes you so far. You need passion and creativity to experiment and make mistakes. Your drawing is unique, be proud of that. As an artist seek an individual vision, hopefully, art tutorials online will help you find yours.

Paul Priestley

Paul Priestley art history tutorials

Need more Art Inspiration?

Sometimes as artists we get stuck for ideas because we need inspiration. Perhaps a bit of technical advice about drawing and painting. Maybe, we should just draw or paint without a plan. Art tutorials online can suggest ideas, but occasionally we  just need to let our minds wander.

That’s why at Art Tutorials Online we have created a Hints and Tips  section. Read articles about inspirational painting and drawing ideas, learn new methods and techniques. Maybe it’s time to give your mind a creative boost so when you next paint or draw you’ll have lots of fun.

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