Draw Basics: PART 3 -Three Point Perspective


Drawing shadows cast by buildings accurately is difficult. This art tutorial explores how to create accurate shadows created by buildings and street furniture using three point perspective. To start, we draw a building using two point perspective. When completed a vanishing point is created where the sun would be because this is where the light comes from.

Using this vanishing point another is plotted directly beneath the sun (point) on the eye level. I explain simply step by step how to plot the lines from these two vanishing points. They will touch the the top and bottom of each wall of the building to create a point on the ground. Joining these points creates the shadow area. You can use the same method to plot the shadow of any object, even within a still life.

The video is designed for beginners and would be ideal for students studying GCSE Art and Design in the UK. It would also be useful for those wishing to understand perspective more fully. This is the first in a series of three art tutorials on how to use perspective.

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