How to Draw a Still Life Accurately: PART 3


Learning to draw accurately is an important drawing skill to learn. This is the final art tutorial in the series on How to Draw a Still Life Accurately. This time I am concentrating on how to add tone, light and shade. You’ll need a 2B  for the lighter tones and a 6B pencil for the darkest tones. I’ll also be using a 4B piece of graphite, because this is easiest method to create softer tones. I’ll demonstrate how the dark tones of the drawing will make light tones stand out. If you can do this it will make your drawing of the still life look more realistic. It is easier to shade in a very subtle way by using the side of the pencil, if you haven’t any graphite. I also show how to create the subtle reflections from a shiny surface on to the bottom of two eggs.

This art tutorial is aimed at secondary school children, especially those taking GCSE ART and Design or students taking similar examinations in other countries. It is also applicable to those wishing to improve their drawing skills. If you want to see more art tutorials of a similar nature check out the Basics Drawing Channel.

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