10 Amazing Facts about Andy Warhol

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This art tutorial covers 10 Amazing Facts about the American Pop artist, Andy Warhol. Andy was a controversial artist. Born in Pittsburgh, he grew up as a sickly child of immigrant parents from Czechoslovakia. As a child he was obsessed with comic books, celebrity magazines and Hollywood celebrities. His art work  would reflect these obsessions. Everyday objects such as soup cans, brillo boxes, cartoons, and comic strip characters inspired his work. Although he did produce some paintings, his favourite medium was screen printing.

It was screen printing and his obsession with celebrity led to his most famous art works. He created portraits of many famous people including; Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Mick Jagger and Richard Nixon amongst others. Later in life he collaborated with the artist Jean-Michel Basquait producing joint paintings, where both artists work on the same piece.

The video covers his life from his early days in Pittsburgh to his death in New York in 1987. The video is suitable for all ages groups from 8 years and above. This art tutorial of Andy Warhol is intended for use with children and students in primary, secondary, elementary and high schools. Art groups and those interested in art history will also find the video really fascinating.

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