Gustav Klimt – The Life of an Artist


Gustav Klimt

The life of Gustav Klimt has its controversial elements, but he is best know for his ‘golden’ paintings. This video covers the life of this famous artist from his humble beginnings in Baumgarten in Austria to his worldwide success. Klimt was prodigiously talented as was his brother Ernst, even from a young age. They entered art school around the age of 14 because they were so talented. Their professor, towards the end of their artistic training recommended them for commissions  they outstanding students. On leaving art college, Gustav and Ernst set up an artist’s company which became very successful.

Later, Gustav Klimt was elected the first president of the Viennese Secession. Klimt was always a rebel and had numerous battles with the establishment. His life was not without controversy as the University paintings showed. However, Klimt is best known for his  amazing portraits. These portraits are often painted in a very decorative style using gold leaf and geometric decoration combined with realistic depictions of hands and faces. His most famous painting is most probably The Kiss, completed in 1908. But he also painted numerous portraits of  Emilie Flöge. She was a fashion designer who became his companion for more than 25 years. Other notable portraits, most notably include those of Adele Bloch-Bauer, the wife of a wealthy Viennese banker. Gustav painted other subjects, most importantly, landscapes particularly those completed in his garden. Gustav Klimt died in Vienna in 1918 aged just 55 years old.

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