The Life of Claude Monet: The Film

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Claude Monet – The Film

I created this film of the Life of Claude Monet (35 minutes in length) for use in schools, art societies and art groups. It is suitable for children from around the age of 7 or 8 years old upwards. The film covers Claude Monet’s early childhood and his initial struggles to get to art school. His father was against the idea, but he eventually earned his father’s good wishes. The tutorial also explains the birth of Impressionism and Monet’s crowning success of his final years at Giverny.

The film also explores his relationship with his dealers, especially Paul Durand Ruel and his initial struggle to sell enough paintings to support his children. Many of Monet’s paintings are discussed. Monet’s latter years were spent developing his garden at Giverny, that would prove the inspiration for his water lily paintings. Many elements of the film are shot in the places in France where the artist Claude Monet himself painted.

Please Note: Some aspects of the Life of Claude Monet, may have been simplified or amended because we want it has to be suitable for a school audience. This video is a great way for school kids, students and other people to learn about the life of Claude Monet. The video will be a great introduction to an art lesson on Claude Monet or Impressionist painting in schools and colleges.

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