Starting to Draw? PART 3: Three Things to Know

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This is the third of my art tutorials on starting to draw for absolute beginners. In this video I look at three things you need to know; hatching, tone and line. If you want to learn to draw you need to know these three elememnts.We start with a simple outline of a tree against a background of a river and trees on a bank in the distance. The trees in the distance are drawn using hatching and cross hatching with an HB pencil so the tone is quite light. The river is drawn with horizontal, overlapping lines which get wider as the come closer.

The foreground tree is drawn using line and an 8B pencil. The tone of the line is much darker and therefore creates depth in the drawing. I show how by overlapping the line I can make the tree appear rounded. This also gives the oak tree character.

This video is aimed at beginners, children, students and anyone else wanting to improve their drawing skills and to learn to draw.


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