Starting to Draw? PART 2: Two Things to Practice

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Want to improve your drawing skills? This is the second of my art tutorials on Starting to Draw for absolute beginners. In this video I explain two things you need to practice to make your drawings more creative and interesting. Firstly, we look at drawing curves. Drawing tight curves close together requires you to move your fingers. Curves can suggest an object is round. I demonstrate how you can use this drawing technique to draw a simple tree. Using curves can make the tree trunk look more three dimensional.

The second technique is flicking the pencil using your wrist. To look effective this has to done boldly. Drawing grass can be harder than it appears. Grass grows upwards. so tit is essential to flick the pencil upwards. Flicking  is used to define the branches of a palm tree, but they have to be drawn boldly to look effective. This arts tutorial is aimed at beginners, children, students and anyone else wanting to improve their drawing skills.

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