Starting to Draw? PART 1: 4 Things you Need

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This Starting to Draw? Part 1 (4 things you need) tutorial is the first in a series of art tutorials for absolute beginners to drawing. It covers 4 things that you need to know to start drawing with confidence. The video talks about getting into a positive frame of mind because you’ll draw better. My You can Draw video is recommended, if you find it difficult to get into the right frame of mind.  The tutorial also covers different types of  paper and not to worry if you can’t get the best. Using your hand creatively when holding a pencil is demonstrated with gusto. Plus, sharpening pencils in different ways and using the pencil creatively by varying the pressure is covered.

This easy drawing tutorial explains how to vary the line you draw. By twisting your hand and applying different pressure  your art work will improve because the lines you draw will look more interesting and individual. Hatching and cross hatching are explained in some detail, because they are important when you start drawing. In the next arts tutorial I shall bring all these elements together to create our first drawing.

Who will Benefit?

Understanding the 4 things explained in the video will help beginners to draw with confidence. This arts tutorial will be useful for children in schools and anyone starting to draw. If you are teaching kids how to start drawing I’m sure they will find this art tutorial useful too. It would also be useful for those learning how to start drawing and those drawing for beginners.


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