Piet Mondrian – A Life in 10 Snippets

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This art history video about the Dutch abstract artist, Piet Mondrian, covering his life in 10 fascinating snippets. Piet Mondrian was one of the pioneers of abstract art. Born in 1872 in The Netherlands, he was the son of an art teacher. Trees fascinated him and he produced many paintings of them. He loved the structure of the branches and this structure had a bearing on his later abstract work. Piet Mondrian loved jazz and was the founder of the De Stijl movement. Eventually, he would develop his famous abstract paintings based on black lines and the three primary colours; red, yellow and blue.

Theo van Doesburg, the artist and art critic was his friend, he influenced his painting. He was also influenced by Theosophy, Cubism and Suprematism.

Piet Mondrian’s most famous painting and his last was Broadway Boogie Woogie painted in 1942. This painting combined his love of jazz with his love of order and balance and was also influenced by his time in the USA.

This video is designed for use by teachers in schools and colleges. It is suitable to show to children, students and those wanting a simple introduction into art history.


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