Start Drawing: PART 10 – Draw a Burger

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Most of us eat burgers at some point. In this art tutorial I explain how to draw a burger, including the lettuce and the tomato. In fact, all the elements that make up the classic beef burger. I start the drawing by sketching the basic shape of the bun, lettuce, tomatoes and the burger itself, very lightly, so errors can be corrected easily if needs be.
Once that has been done, I explain how to sketch the lettuce and to shade it using different tones. I also explain how to shade the burger and how to create highlights which make the burger look more real. Finally, I’ll show you how to use the graphite to create subtle shading around the bun and how to suggest the seeds on top of the bun itself.
This art tutorial is aimed at beginners and those wanting to to develop their drawing skills.

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