How to Compose a Picture Simply

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Do you want to know how to use ‘Thirds’ to compose a picture, drawing or painting? This art tutorial shows you how to divide your paper or canvas into ‘thirds’. Which in turn provides a means of creating a focus of interest in your painting or drawing. I explain how you, as the the artist, can guide the eye of the viewer towards the centre of interest, the focus of the painting or drawing. This is simply the part of your art work you think is important, because it’s where you want people to focus. I also explain how, by choosing different ‘thirds’ as the centre of interest, the composition of the drawing can change.

You’ll notice this works whether you are drawing landscape of portraits. It’s amazing how you can make a person look more or less important, or dominant, simply by changing the composition. Look around you and you’ll see this balance between ‘thirds’ everywhere. Thirds makes the world look harmonious. There are lots of other ways to compose a painting or drawing, but this is by far the simplest. Why not check it out and use it in your drawing and painting.

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