How to Draw a Person Laying Down – Narrated


Want to just watch this art tutorial on how to draw a figure? Watch the time-lapse version

MATERIALS: Staedtler Pencil 2B, Derwent-Artists -Pencil Ivory Black

This is a pencil drawing of a person relaxing, lying down on the ground, propped up on his arm. It should be an easy image to draw. This art tutorial takes you through, step by step, the process of drawing the figure. Starting from a simple circle for the head and a simple sketch of the shoulders, we use this to measure the rest of the body. Once the proportions have been worked out, the basic shapes of the relaxed figure are drawn in.

Once the basic shapes are completed and proportions checked, a more complex outline including folds is drawn. Lots of sweeping lines create folds in the persons tee shirt and trousers, simply because it is the easiest way to draw them. Once the outline is completed, the time comes to apply light and shade. How to create a range of tones simply is explained by varying the pressure on the Derwent Ivory Black pencil. This narrated version of how to draw a figure is an easy drawing to follow, especially for beginners and those looking to develop their own drawing skills.
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