Drawing Basics: Edges not Outlines – PART 1


In this art tutorial on drawing basics, I explain how to draw using edges rather than outlines. The reason for edges rather than outlines is that it makes objects look more solid. Outlines are still important, especially in the initial drawing. The video is aimed at beginners and those wishing to extend their drawing skills. I draw with a block of graphite, but you could do the same with chalk, charcoal or pastel. Taking a piece of graphite between fingers and thumb I exert more pressure on one side rather than pressing equally. This is how the edge is created because the pressure creates a range of tone. This range of tone can replace an outline, as a result the drawing looks more convincing. There are a couple of exercises to cover and practice in this drawing basics tutorial. In the next video I shall show you how to draw more complex objects using edges. You’ll soon be drawing edges with confidence. Good luck with your drawing. This arts tutorial is designed for you. Check out my other drawing videos for beginners here.

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