Start Drawing – Part 8: Crushed Can

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Need to draw a crushed can? You should check out this art tutorial. I’ll show you how to identify the crush points, the sharp edges and the soft edges of the can. You’ll learn how to draw and shade the sharp and soft edges to make the aluminium can look 3D. We’ll get rid of the outlines of the can and create edges which will make your crushed can look much more real.

So if you draw a crushed can, how you draw the crush points is very important. Take care with the subtlety of your shading because this will make or break your drawing. Highlights can be added by using an eraser on the areas you wish to highlight. This easy drawing art tutorial is indented for beginners, children and anyone wanting to improve their drawing techniques.

Good luck with your drawing of a crushed can, I’m sure yours will be amazing.

Paul Priestley

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