Pen and Ink Basics- Scribbles

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It is really amazing what you can do with three different pens and some scribbling. But don’t think this is the sort of scribbling a child will do, it’s more sophisticated than that. Scribble with pen and ink is not simply scribbling from side to side, but in a figure 8 motion. The quality of line produced is really interesting and appealing because of the way the line produced varies. This art tutorial explains how to build up tone by building layers of scribbling. Be bold with the use of the pens, including the stick and you’ll produce different types of line. So much more interesting than boring old ruled lines. This art tutorial is aimed at absolute beginners and those wishing to develop their drawing skills.

Don’t forget to be bold if you scribble with pen and ink because at Art Tutorials Online, WE KNOW YOU CAN draw.

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