Pen and Ink Basics: Draw a Picture


Easy Pen and Ink Drawing

If you have seen the previous three pen and ink drawing tutorials you will be ready for this one. This art tutorial brings together line, dots and scribbles together with three different pens to create a drawing. Using sunflowers as the starting point, the art tutorial covers how to draw using line, dots and scribbles with pen and ink.

What you will Learn

You will also learn how to create depth in the pen and ink drawing by using tone, line and hatching. This is an easy pen and ink drawing to follow even for beginners. I start from a simple sketch which is drawn using pencil. This sketch of sunflowers is simply a guide and is not slavishly copied. By twisting the pens and varying the pressure you’ll see applied all the techniques seen in the previous tutorials. This art tutorial is suitable for children, beginners and those looking to develop their drawing skills.

At art tutorials online we understand the need to follow and implement drawing techniques because that’s how we learn. But don’t forget to be bold and imaginative in the way you use your pens.

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