How to Draw with Charcoal and Chalk

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Want to know how to draw with charcoal and chalk? In this art tutorial we will use grey sugar paper and learn to draw with charcoal and chalk. The tutorial starts with me showing you how to apply charcoal to create dark tones. I do the same with the chalk, combining the two effects creates a range of tones from black to white.

I start with drawing a simple pot and a simple oval shape. Using my wrist as a compass I create the curves of the side of the pot. The drawing starts with applying charcoal, varying the pressure to create different tones. The same is done with the chalk to create a range of tone from black to white. Once the pot has been shaded twice the final reflections and highlights are applied.

This art tutorial is aimed at beginners, school students and those wishing to improve their drawing and sketching skills.

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Sugar Paper:


Chalk: Available in most places


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