How to Draw with Charcoal and Chalk – Landscape


This is the second in my series on how to draw with charcoal and chalk. In this video I shall be showing you how to draw a landscape with trees and reflections in water using charcoal and chalk. The crucial thing to remember is to get the tones correct, light tones in the background and darker tones in the foreground. All shading has to reflect this simple plan. I explain how to blend the charcoal and chalk to create numerous tones. Contrasting this with the use of line and edges creates a great drawing.
The other important idea to take on board is how to draw water. I show that shading and lines need to be done horizontally, immediately below the object reflected in the water. If a vertical line is reflected in the water it is drawn with a vertical wavy line.

This video is intended for students working towards examinations in art and design, beginners and those coming back to drawing maybe as a hobby.

Sugar Paper:


Chalk: Available in most places

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