How to Draw Cliffs and Crevasses


Learning to draw cliffs and crevasses can be a little daunting because they appear difficult to draw. This art tutorial explains how to draw cliffs and crevasses step by step in a simple way that even beginners can understand.  Starting with just a wavy line and a few vertical lines the basic structure can be achieved. The vertical lines are drawn loosely and in a jagged way to make the cliffs look more real. The structure of the cliffs  is created by simply varying the angle of the line when applying tone. This is important as the angle of the line defines the surface planes of the cliff face.

The crevasse is drawn in a similar way to the cliff starting with a ‘jagged’ circular shape. This time the vertical lines suggesting the depth of the crevasse are drawn within the jagged circular shape. Light and shade is added, lighter at the top of the hole and darker as the hole sinks away. Making the vertical lines more jagged or smooth will define the type of crevasse / hole you want to create.

This art tutorial is aimed at beginners and students studying GCSE Art and Design or similar qualification. It is also relevant to those wishing to develop their drawing skills to a higher level. If you want to see more basic drawing skills video visit our Landscape Drawing Channel

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