How to Draw a Dog


In this easy drawing art tutorial I explain, step by step how to draw a dog beginning with very simple shapes.  The dog is a beagle type animal. You will learn how to use the head as a measure to get the dog’s proportions just right. We start with a simple outline sketch of the dog, before checking everything is in proportion. This is drawn very lightly because if you make a mistake it can be easily changed. Once the proportion of the drawing is correct we can proceed to apply light and shade. To complete the drawing you’ll need an HB pencil for the light shading. A 4B or 6B pencil will be fine for the darker tones. If you only have one pencil, varying the pressure can give different tones.

You will learn how to use the shading to create edges because they are more effective than outlines. Applying light and shade and edges will make your dog look much more three dimensional. The video is aimed at beginners and children who want to learn to draw a beagle and those with more experience of drawing who want to extend their drawing skills. Check out  the Animals Drawing Channel for more art tutorials on how to draw other animals.

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