How to be Brilliant at Drawing


Lots of people say they can’t draw, but they can. This art tutorial explains how everyone can be brilliant at drawing. It is all about self confidence, realising that no on in the world draws like you do. If you are an art teacher, before your art lesson show your students this video to motivate them. This motivational art video explains how you can be brilliant at drawing in an easy manner because your students might be very young.

Being brilliant at drawing is a matter of believing in yourself and having the confidence to draw in the way you want to draw. I also show how the pursuit of perfection, which some young people seem to do in their drawing is not possible. I explain that the role of an artist is not to try to create a photographic drawing but a unique one. Using rulers to draw straight lines robs the drawing of individuality. Many artists, especially Matisse, did not rub out lines from the under drawing because each line is valuable.

Belief in your own drawing is the only way to success

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