Creative Drawing: Part 4 Two pencils – Bananas


Drawing bananas can be interesting, but in this video I am going to take a different approach. I’m going to show you how to draw bananas with two pencils because it’s much more creative. First, you’ll need to tape the pencils together, using different types of pencil can be interesting. Then sketch the bananas as you would if using a single pencil. The double line will create a more vibrant  and creative image.  You could try shading with the two pencils too, because it will give you a very different effect. Trying different drawing techniques is always a good idea. You might try different coloured pencils strapped together, or even add a pen. Good luck with your drawing. How to draw bananas differently? Well now you have a method to try.

This art tutorial is aimed at beginners, children in school and those studying of GCSE Art and Design and anyone looking to make their drawings more interesting.

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