Creative Drawing: Part 2 line, tone and bottles

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This is the second art tutorial in my series on Creative Drawing. In this video I am using bottles as the theme, much as Picasso might have done with some of his Cubist paintings. Bottles are often used as starting points in GCSE art projects. To start draw a bottle but with an unusual technique. Drawing bottles with a piece of graphite attached to a long stick creates a more interesting line. Drawing bottles on top of each other, look to add more line with a pencil, emphasizing the verticality of the drawing. By varying the line and the tone added to the drawing, the drawing can be come more creative and imaginative.

For a successful drawing get the eye to focus on elements of the drawing you feel to be important. You can do this by strengthening the tone and line in the drawing. Check out other drawing tutorials that feature drawing with a stick.

This video is aimed at teenagers studying art and design in schools, GCSE art, and those wishing to add a little more imagination to their drawings.

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