Beginners: Part 1-Draw with Curves

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This simple drawing tutorial is designed for complete beginners to drawing. I’m going to show you how you can improve your drawing when you draw with curves. With curves you can draw a lot of objects very simply such as; ribbons, flags, grass, cliffs leaves etc. I shall show you stage by stage, how to create each of these items by sketching the basic outlines and then using a 4B pencil to shade in the detail. You’ll notice when you draw with curves to get the basic shapes the object looks more real because of the curves. I also explain how by shading horizontally you can make a surface look flat and can make a surface look vertical; by shading up and down i.e. vertically. Combining the curves with shading can make your drawings look much more 3 dimensional. Try drawing with curves yourself, you’ll find it can improve your drawing tremendously.

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