10 Amazing Facts about Pablo Picasso


Pablo Picasso

He was one of the creators of modern art. Want to know lots of fascinating insights about the great artist Pablo Picasso? The video is aimed at school students and those interested in art history. The video talks about Picasso being a child prodigy – he really could draw and paint brilliantly – and how he’d completed 5 years at art school by the time he was 18.

This amazing art tutorial also talks about his paintings, Guernica in particular, and his female companions such as Olga Khokhlova. This art video explains briefly about Picasso’s Blue Period and his Cubist paintings and demonstrates why Picasso is regarded as a genius. This art tutorial would be a great introduction to an art workshop or art day in a primary, elementary or secondary school and is designed for school children and their teachers, beginners and those interested in art history.

Our Art History Tutorials

At Art Tutorials Online we know the importance of art history and the artists who create it. Above all, we also know the importance of passion and individuality, because that’s what makes art unique. Our aim is to mix learning about the artist with lots of passion and creativity about his work. This is reflected in the presentation used in our art tutorials. We are sure viewing this brilliant art tutorial of 10 facts about the life of Pablo Picasso will have you enthralled. Let our brilliant teacher / artist, Paul Priestley take you on an artistic journey through Picasso’s life. You will find it an exhilarating experience.

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