10 Amazing Facts about Claude Monet


This art history video covers 10 facts you did not know about Claude Monet, the French Impressionist painter. Claude Monet was the leader of the Impressionist movement that in arose in France in the 1870’s. The video is aimed at school children and those interested in art history. It covers many interesting facts about the whole of Monet’s life such as the painting he claimed he painted in 4 days. It actually took many months. Starting from his early caricatures created in Le Havre, to his great water lily paintings.

The video covers Claude Monet’s humble beginnings, his purchase of Giverny and the creation of his wonderful waterlily lake. The creation of his wonderful series of waterlily paintings, the Grande Decoration. Also a number of his great landscape paintings are discussed too. This art tutorial will be a great introduction to Claude Monet and a wonderful start to an art day in a primary, elementary or secondary school.

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