Art Motivational

How do you feel about art?

Are you stuck for ideas to draw and paint? Are you feeling you can’t draw and paint? Can’t motivate yourself to start creating art? Do you feel you will never become an artist? Or do you simply say, ‘I can’t draw’.

How to Motivate you and your Art

If the comments above illustrate how you feel about yourself and your art, there are a few things you need to understand. First up, no one in the world draws like you do. Don’t beat yourself up about it – feel proud of it. Realise that if you can hold a pencil you can draw. No one is stopping you from drawing, only yourself. These motivational tutorials will motivate and inspire you to create your own art, in your own way. Your drawings and paintings will reflect the fact you are motivated, inspired and creative. Above all, you will feel so much better, and the world will be a wonderful place.

Finally, if someone says to you, ‘that’s a good drawing you have drawn’. Reply, ‘no it isn’t.’ Pause a moment, then continue, ‘this isn’t a good drawing, this is brilliant drawing’. Believe in yourself because no one else will!

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