Drawing Basics: Edges not Outlines – PART 3


In this art tutorial, the third in my series on drawing basics:- Edges not Outlines, I look at drawing folds in paper. This method can be used to draw folds in clothes or any other similar objects. In this tutorial I explain how to draw folded paper accurately. If you want to learn how to draw a still life object, like a folded piece of paper accurately, then check out this art tutorial: Draw a Still Life Accurately

Using a strong light source it is possible to get strong shadows from the folded paper. This is useful because it shows the edges nice and strongly. Distinguishing between sharp and soft edges can be tricky because the tones can be similar. But I explain how this can be done easily. Drawing the folds on the paper is done with a 6B pencil and small pieces of 6B Graphite.

Potential artists will soon learn that by varying the pressure on the pencil you can vary the tone. Therefore, it becomes easier to create soft and subtle tones. You can use exactly the same method for drawing edges. You’ll fine this easy drawing tutorial is designed for beginners and those wishing to improve their own drawing skills. Understanding how to create a tonal drawing will also be a benefit.

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