Beginners: Part 2-Draw with Lines

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This art tutorial on How to Draw with Lines for children and beginners uses pencils. Did you know the eye reads lines and tells the brain a lot of information about your drawing? Because the brain can read lines, the angles, shape and distance in a drawing can be interpreted. Although the paper surface is flat, the lines can make it appear to be three dimensional. Therefore, you can create the illusion of space and depth with just a series of lines. In this easy drawing tutorial I show you how to make hills look curved, cylinders rounded, circles look like balls and roads and rivers look flat. This can all be achieved with the correct use of line.

If you can spend time looking for the lines in the landscape, your landscape drawing will improve. Imagine the line like contours that describe the the shape of the landscape in a series of lines. All you need to do is draw the lines to give the illusion of 3 dimensions. The art tutorial is designed foe beginners and those looking to improve their drawing.

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