Basic Drawing – How to Suggest Outlines and Edges

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Are you sketches looking a bit flat? Not sure how to make your drawings more effective? Outlines maybe the problem. Drawing with outlines is fine, but all too often the outlines destroys the 3D effect the sketch is trying to create. The trick is to suggest outlines and edges in your drawing. This makes sketches so much more convincing as a drawing. I also cover hatching and cross hatching to create my tonal drawings.

It is easy to create a suggestion of outline or an edge by drawing line. This art tutorial explains how to use line to suggest the angle of a surface and the edge between them. How to draw a leaf, a pencil a tube and a flower are all covered in this tutorial. You should notice that a suggested edge or outline looks much more convincing that a heavy outline. I am using a 2B pencil for the sketches, but any method can be used for this drawing method.

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