Successful drawing is essentially about confidence, perseverance and developing skills, all of which are greatly influenced by your  attitude to what you produce. I meet lots of people who can draw, but they under-estimate their abilities and seem to be dismissive of their work, or they lack the confidence to see the value in their own work.

Do you simply enjoy the drawing process? Want to reproduce what you see, or create something imaginative? Imagine thinking that every line or mark you produce is precious. So no rubbing out, every image you create is part of you, your baby. Or that your drawings are a record of your development or journey through life. Imagine a world in which there are no preconceived ideas about how things should look. A world where your drawings are valued simply because you produced them. How enjoyable it would be to create drawings in such a world.  That world can exist inside of you – it is just a matter of confidence.

Check out this tutorial for the basics of How to Draw.

You become ‘good’ at drawing simply by drawing. Get a sketch book, a pencil, piece of graphite, charcoal, whatever takes your fancy, and draw. Here are a few ideas you might try to get started:

1. Set time limits – complete a sketch in a maximum of 2 minutes, but don’t start by drawing an outline, start in an unusual place, for example, start at the bottom and work up, or the middle and work out.

2. Where you would normally use a single line to create something use two and vary the lines, so one might be dark and the other light.

creative drawing with sticks

Drawing with sticks

3. Hold the pencil as far from the tip as possible so you have less control, or tie the pencil to a stick and use that. Enjoy the fact you have less control and marvel at the quality of line you produce.

4. Look at an object or scene for a couple of minutes and try to memorise it. turn away and sketch very quickly what you remember.

5. Set up a group of interesting objects to draw. With the objects in front of you, draw very carefully everything you can see around and through the objects, but do not draw the objects themselves.

6. Finally, take a little sketchbook with you every where you go and draw anything you see, even if it is just a 10 seconds doodle. Remember everything you create is precious.

Checkout the Basic Drawing Channel to learn basic drawing skills.

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